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Vulcan Fever

because no one can resist Pon Farr

2 November
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Actually, I don't have much time on my hands, but I write this stuff anyway to escape the grueling cares of daily life. Comments are love, even the ones pointing out spelling errors.

I prefer Spock/McCoy to K/S, and am eagerly awaiting the fic that has Spock and Scotty getting it on inside the Jellyfish.

On my ship, Kirk is curious, Spock is flexible, and McCoy is into everything.

One thing: bad writers borrow and good writers steal, especially in fandoms. Basically, if you see something in a story that looks like it's yours, it probably is. I'm going to try to put a list of all the fics that inspired me at the end of stories, but I can't always remember/find everyone once the dust has cleared. The sharing goes both ways: if you see a detail or a situation in one of my fics that inspires you, run with it! (And if it's any good, feel free to link me afterwards.)