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Ok, I Just Had To Share This:
sexy bones

via Dorky Damaris

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OMFG, how did this even *happen*?

Love it, tho'.

OMFG, how did this even *happen*?

I know, right? It's got to be Photoshop...but the fact that it's a weird size makes me hope it's some kind of screengrab from a skit I haven't seen yet. XD

Maybe he was just being silly for the camera and some wiseass Trek editor filched the frame and published it ?

I like that explaination.

Man, if only I was as good at finding photo attributions as I am at finding text information. I really want to know what this is from now.

I'm actually combing ZQ's website right now for a mention of it.

See? See what you've done?

Final verdict: still from the ST XI gag reel. I haven't been able to see the reel, but it was posted and then quickly taken down (by order of Paramount) about the same time as this image surfaced.

Theory in place! *wipes forehead* Now I can get on with my day.

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