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Kirk Gets Beat Up A Lot
sexy bones
Oxygen Thieves did a crap comic retelling of the Star Trek movie and it goes something like this:

Okay so I'm a renegade maverick who doesn't play by the rules. I'm such a badass I was born on a spaceship as it was exploding. My mother is that chick from House and my Dad is a dude from Home and Away. Will you sleep with me, attractive space lady?
(gets beaten up)

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Hee, my one reader! Glad you liked it!

Aw, you have more readers. Most ppl just don't realize teh comments are teh luv. Or at least that's what I tell myself from my fetal position on the futon, late at night :)

That more or less sounds like the movie but sadly with less Patrick Stewart. :O

There's always hope for a sequel!

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